Sunday, July 24, 2011

Visiting Big Sur

I was thrilled to wade in the Pacific Ocean today along the Monterey Coast and at Big Sur. Although I have been to this part of the world before, one can never get tired of the breath-taking scenic vistas offered along the coast here. Because of the rocky cliffs, steep hills, and high bluffs, shore access is surprisingly difficult in many parts of Big Sur, however I managed to find some foot-trails that offered access to some small coves where I could get my feet wet and climb about the rocky beaches, exploring what lies amongst the sand. I was hoping to find some pleasant tidal pools, but perhaps it was high tide, or I was not in a good location for tidal pools, as I found virtually none. Still I enjoyed spotting a sea lion, tons of beautiful kelp, and enjoying scrubby vegetation that is unfamiliar to us from the East Coast.

It was a beautiful day, but a lesson to myself to do my homework ahead of time. It was naive to think I could just stumble upon tide pools simply by going to where land meets sea. According to, some of the best tidepools in the world are nearby at Asilomar State Park. Perhaps I will make it there tomorrow!

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